what’s it all about?

So, tv dinners. You might be asking yourself, wtf is this nonsense? Well, as a way to de-stress and not think about all the hard shit in life that I really should be thinking about, I instead like to binge watch TV and eat food. You know, like everyone else who has healthy and normal coping mechanisms.

Since I am a professional food person (can we all just agree to never use the word “foodie” again? because, yuck) and have pretty decent wine/beverage knowledge, my average meal at home is pretty amazing and professionally executed (this is where I should mention that I’m really not as cocky as I come across right here. It’s just that some people are educated in engineering, some in media development, some in finance, my education just happens to be in food and beverage. Which I have refined by working in NYC for nearly 10 goddamn years. So you know, #blessed or whatever).

So, in the interest of education, I was thinking about making a blog about my culinary adventures. Teaching people like my sister (one of those normal, 9-5ers, for which the rest of the world exists) how to make some pretty damn delicious food, stress free.

But, because my inner Hermione Granger cannot be soothed with just one task, I thought I’d tag on the one thing I love to do more than telling people what to eat. Telling people what to watch while you stuff your face.

To those just emerging from carbon-freeze, we are living in the golden age of television and have been for a while. It’s amazing. Game of Thrones, Daredevil, Orphan Black, Orange is the New Black, and more! Such amaze! We really have come a long way from the most exciting thing on television being Ross and Rachel kissing (or breaking up. either. or both. god, they were annoying).

And since I work on my feet, my fav thing to do upon coming home is sitting. And since the tv is there, well, might as well watch something good.

So that’s the crux of it. Food and cocktail and wine recs. And tv reviews and recs.

Let’s binge.